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Strategic Solutions International, LLC (SSI) is a research & development company headquartered in Stillwater, Oklahoma. SSI’s strategic mission is to apply sound research principles and visionary innovation to develop novel, robust, rugged solutions to significant, unsolved problems. SSI developed its first commercial product, the intelliRock concrete quality control system, under a collaborative research agreement with Nomadics, Inc. In addition to ongoing joint research with Nomadics and Engius (a Nomadics subsidiary), SSI is actively pursuing research in the areas of construction means and methods, construction materials, quality control, water treatment, and animal health monitoring. Furthermore, SSI provides expertise in the areas of process management, process improvement, Six Sigma quality, innovative problem solving, and experimental design. SSI can be contacted via email at


The intelliRock I concrete maturity and quality control system.



Strategic Solutions International, LLC

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